Friday, 10 October 2014

An Introduction


But seriously, we thought this was a good way to kick off our blog. I saw this quiz on a blog I follow, and hopefully it gives a little bit of a background on us and the types of things we are going to be sharing with you.

Your beautiful hosts doing their best Bjergsen and Wildturtle impressions.

When did you start playing video games?
GAVIN: I started playing games when I was about 5 on my parents Amstrad, played mostly Prince of Persia, Dune and F15 Strike Eagle, because they were what we had. My brother and I spent days trying to get past one guard in Prince of Persia, and once we actually won Dune, mostly because it bugged and stopped asking for tribute.
ALICE: This was pretty retro even at the time, but my uncle used to bring his Commodore 64 round and we’d play Santa’s Xmas Caper when I was 5? 6? We got a family PC when I was 7-ish and my first games were Muppet Treasure Island (forever fave) and this weird as hell PF Magic game called Oddballz (think… a 90s Spore Creature Creator gone horribly, horribly wrong. Google at your own peril, friends.) Then, when I was 9-ish, I got a Gameboy Colour and Pokemon and it all went downhill rapidly.
PC or Console?
G: PC. I never had a console as a kid, and I never really missed it.
A: Historically, console. But I’m probably more of a PC person these days. His fault.
XBox, PlayStation, or Wii?
G: PC. I have a PS3, it has a few good games and Netflix, and I really like having a 3DS when I'm on holiday or whatever, but almost all of my play time is PC.
A: Apathetic shrug. We have a PS3? I like it okay? My 3DS XL is my fave console type thing that I own. Gav's 3DS was mine before I upgraded and I mock its puny frame now I have my lovely chunky XL.
What’s the best game you’ve ever played?
G: Baldur’s Gate. It has great characters, a good story and loads of bits and pieces to discover that make the world feel real. Not to mention that the environments and sound were awesome.
I’d also like to give an honourable mention to Mech Commander, again a game with good story and gameplay bundled into one. Although perhaps a lot of the story was built around what I built around the characters, rather than anything actually in the game.
A: I don’t know if I’ll ever be over Pokemon Crystal. In terms of sheer hours clocked, WoW I’ve been playing on and off since 2007 (oh god) and Animal Crossing could still give it a decent run for its money. I have spent so many hours on that not even doing anything. I love Animal Crossing but I can’t even begin to explain the appeal of rearranging flowers for hours on end. It’s beyond reason
What’s the worst game you’ve ever played?
G: I’m a massive fan of the game Bloodbowl, a fantasy American football game by Games Workshop. It has a really fun setting, a lot of depth, looks cool. There are web versions of very similar  games (not the same because then big bad old GW gets stroppy,) and they are great. So when a “real” version was released, I was very excited. And it was fine. I played it for many hours. But man was it a bad game. The AI was poor, it made my PC run so hot, I had to close the game and reopen it to stop it from hanging up. So whilst it probably wasn’t the worst game I’ve ever played, it is one that sticks with me as a disappointment.
A: I have played some utter pish for the DS. They released a lot of rubbish. (But I bought it, so who's the real fool)
Name a game that was popular/critically adored that you just didn’t like.
G: Dawn of War 2. I would rather play any of the older dawn of war games, to be honest.
A: Most popular FPSs, I’m generally not a fan.
Name a game that was poorly received that you really like.
G: I am a Cata Baby. I had an account for the end of WotLK, but I never really played until The Cataclysm hit, and I found my first love, Resto Druid. I got my first max level character, I did heroic dungeons, I loved it. Most of my levelling was in revamped zones, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
A: Oh man I indiscriminately gobbled up anything and everything PF Magic spewed forth when I was a kid. Also, yeah, Cata. I don’t have the excuse of being a Cata-baby, I just genuinely got on pretty great with Cataclysm. In my defence, it was probably just a cool time for me personally, because Gav was playing, we had a fun guild, everyone was so awesome - so socially it was ace and I transferred that over into everything else and I had so much fun.
What are your favourite game genres?
A: JRPGS, MMORPGS, life sims.
Who is your favourite game protagonist?
G: David from the game Silver. Mostly because it is one of the few games I got completely into as a kid where the protagonist was predetermined.
A: Lara Croft! She was my everything as a kid and things have only got better! I’ve always approved of fridging creepy old men
Describe your perfect video game.
G: To be a great game, it needs a great plot, great characters that have realistic interactions, and the game has to actually play well. If things feel smooth and the story is interesting, I’m hooked.
A: Can I have cute hair
What game has the best music?
G: Outcast and World of Warcraft. Outcast was one of the first games I played with a score, it blew me away.
A: I got laughed at this one time for admitting to a bunch of friends I play WoW with the music on and not my own, but shhhh shut up it’s amazing. Kinda cliche, but Ocarina. Animal Crossing.  Two of my faves: the original Lavender City, Animal Crossing 4AM, I heard an amazing mashup of both of those that was utterly delicious, but I can’t find it again! :(
Most memorable moment in a game:
G: [Spoiler for a 15 year old game] Gorion's death.
A: I have this weird obsession with the Regi trio and the bizarre amazing scenario where all my peers were briefly and sincerely fluent in braille, that was so cool. It just sticks with me. I also have a deep abiding love for all the Westfall plotlines shhhhh. Westfall deserves a break, I am still so sad about Westfall
Scariest moment in a game:
G: I don't really play scary games, so... Um... The bit in doom where you can't see and monsters flash in front of you. Or any bit with those big pink minotaur things.
A: My first Licker playing Resident Evil 2 in the dark when I was way too young oh sweet jesus. That game. Opening every single door was its own journey of sheer terror.
Most heart-wrenching moment in a game:

G: I feel strange about this one, because when I started thinking about it so many of the “sad” moments in games are all about “man pain.” Mostly female supporting characters dying so the male protagonist gets angry or sad or feels. It isn’t really heart wrenching if it is the same thing that happened in every game since [spoilers] FFVII.
So the moments that end up being more emotional are the ones more particular to the player. That one companion in Baldur’s Gate that dies and it ruins your internal plot, even though no one else really notices in game is more heart-wrenching than most scripted events.

A: Hadn’t played very much Dragon Age, rerolled as an elf mage after playing briefly as a human warrior, Alistair said some very hurtful things. Some wounds never heal
What are your favourite websites/blogs about games?
G: The ones I frequent most often are Wowhead, Wowinsider, restokin, icyveins, theincbear.
A: Currently, I don’t really frequent anywhere but that is one of the reason I want to do this blog! I need a good reading list.
What’s the last game you finished?
G: Tomb Raider.

A: Ehhh, well, the games I’m into and have been playing recently aren’t as such ‘finishable’ soooo...
What future releases are you most excited about?
G: Dragon Age, Pillars of Eternity, Pokemon.
A: Pokemon Alpha/Omega Sapphire/Ruby. HOOOOEEEENNN. Warlords of Draenor, kinda?
Do you identify as a gamer?
G: I do. Playing games is a big part of who I am, it's my main leisure activity. I feel sad that the word has become a battleground between nice people and “real gamers.” The difference between playing a little game on your phone or the latest fps is just the platform you are using.
A: This is kind of a loaded question these days, but regardless, no. I know Gav does, and I’m definitely not knocking that, but it has a bunch of weird connotations and there’s a lot of gatekeeping and prerequisites (which according to a lot of people, I would fail) and I just prefer to stay clear of that. Also, I’m honestly not that prolific. I spend more time doing other stuff, generally. (Not that greatest percentage of time spent Doing a Thing is a good way to label yourself, because then I’d probably be a Sleeper or Eater or Staring Blankly At Computer Screener.)
Why do you play video games?
G: They are fun, social and I feel like you get so much entertainment from games for the money spent, even with the occasional dud.
A: I really enjoy repetitive tasks with incremental rewards. I’m also great fun at parties

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  1. Alice, in my experience you are SUCH fun at parties XD
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