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Bytesized Heroic Dungeon Guides

You know the feeling when you start a dungeon, clear the trash, get to the first boss and the tank goes "Anyone know tacs?" or worse, nobody says anything and you're fighting the Grimrail Enforcers and Sanguine Sphere keeps getting popped and they don't even know why the boss health is going up...

Yeah, that wasn't frustrating. At all. Not even a little bit. Nope.

The dungeon journal is great for these situations, but only if people read it, so I thought I would throw together some quick and dirty 255 (or fewer) character guides for each boss that can be easily pasted into chat before the pull.

Always wondered if this was intentional or not...
Auchindoun Castle, Scotland.


Vigilant Kaathar 

Don't stand in cracks or balls of light. Hide behind shield for Consecrated Light.

Soulbinder Nyami 

Stand in dark purple circle for swirly AoE. Tank and AoE adds. Interrupt and dispel if possible.


Spread out. Watch for spike damage after knockback on tank. Kill and interrupt purple guys then felguard in add phase. Don't stand in the fire.


Don't stand in fire. Dispel Corruption. Interrupt Drain Life and Chaos Bolt. Don't dispel Unstable Affliction (4 sec silence.) Stay spread out.

Bloodmaul Slag Mines 


Don't stand in fire. Kill adds. Dispel DoT. Interrupt where possible. Kill adds. Don't stand in fire. 

Slave Watcher Crushto 

Don't stand in front of crushed earth. Kill and kite adds, don't tank. Interrupt Ferocious Yell. Try to spread and use damage mitigation.


Dodge fiery boulders (they come back the other way.) Don't stand in fire. Watch for Heat Wave sustained AoE damage.


Interrupt Molten Blast. Don't stand in fire. Kill adds before they reach kiln (CC!) Dispel Flame Buffet.

Grimrail Depot 

Rocketspark and Borka 

Move out of red circles. Avoid Mad Dash. Tank face Bork at Rocketspark so he interrupts him. Try to kill them at the same time. Stop casting for Slam.

Nitrogg Thundertower 

Kill adds and use drops to damage cannon. Hide behind boxes when fixated on. Don't stand in fire

Skylord Tovra

Don't stand in lightning! or on the snare. Dodge spinning spear, be prepared for stun. Move away from party if marked by red arrow. 

Iron Docks 

Fleshrender Nok'gar 

Kill Dreadfang first. Personal cooldown if wolf leaps on you. Stay spread out. Don't stand in fire/dodge burning arrows. Don't attack when red sphere is up.

Grimrail Enforcers 

Don't attack the one with red sphere up. Avoid fire waves. Don't stand on ogre traps. Stay spread out.


Heal through time to feed, cooldowns if needed. Don't stand in front of him for Primal Assault. Kill adds, spread and single target wolves. Don't stand in acid.


Kill Koramor first. Stay spread. Don't stand in Koramor's whirlwind. Hide behind crates during cannon barrage, in-between casts work your way forward to the next crate. Hit him to stop him casting.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds 

Sadana Bloodfury 

Slow and kill add before it reaches boss. When moons appear on floor stand on one for moon buff. Don't stand in daggerfall. Don't stand on purple runes.


Solo kill adds, then click on it. Spread and avoid void stuff. Don't stand in front of boss. Don't stand on graves.


Don't stand in Bodyslam. Don't stand in spit. Get away from inhale, if he sucks you in it hurts. One person stand next to each carrion worm, kill them ASAP.


Move away from Omen of Death (purple pillar). Don't stand in cone. Kill one of ritual bones ASAP and move through gap in wall, tank stay away from that add to avoid cone going in gap.



Avoid wind wall and four winds. Run away from laser. Try to avoid all of the stuff.


Stand between boss and beams. Avoid smash.


Have active mitigation up for Pierce Armor. Kite away from orange birds fixated on you, try to kill them away from piles of ash. Hide behind pillar for quills.

High Sage Viryx

Kill zealots ASAP. Move away from the giant laser. Kill adds. Interrupt Solar Burst.

The Everbloom 


Face boss away from raid. Avoid roots that chase you. Kill blue spheres before they reach him, cc! Try to have boss far from water, gives more time. Pop cooldowns during Brittle Bark.

Ancient Protectors 

Interrupt Revitalizing Waters. Kill Gola first. Don't stand in stuff. Use offensive dispels if possible.

Archmage Sol 

Jump over rings of fire. Avoid green swirls. Don't stand in any things. Let first Parasitic Growth go through, interrupt after that.

Xeri'tac (Optional Boss)

Avoid zones of gas. Kill adds. Dispel Venomous Sting. Don't stand under Descend.


Don't stand in cone. Run over the flowers that spawn to prevent adds. Kill entanglement ASAP. Fight in all of the stuff the mages cast. Keep adds facing away from group.

Upper Blackrock Spire

Orebender Gor'ashan 

Avoid blue balls and spikes and shrapnel nova. When channeling Conduits, click on them to stop him channeling them,


Face adds away. Interrupt Fixation, offensive dispel Rejuvenating Serum. Avoid poison pools, dispel poison debuff.

Commander Tharbek 

Don't stand in flaming axes or dragon breath, spread out to avoid charge. CC or kite adds, burst boss down when the adds appear.

Ragewing the Untamed 

Stay in middle, move to one side to avoid breath, move back to middle. Avoid fire pools. Pick up and AoE adds. Dispel enrage buff.

Warlord Zaela

Watch for knockback. Avoid breath from dragons flying around. Burst down adds. Spread to avoid axes and cyclone. Don't stand in bad.

So there you have it, all of the current Heroics in bytesized chunks, ready to roll. Let me know if there is anything I missed or got wrong, I'll probably come back and edit these myself as I come across common causes for wipes.

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